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Fiasconaro Almond Panettone

A fabulous award-winning panettone handmade and handwrapped by top Sicilian Panettone makers Fiasconaro, a family business dating back to the 1950s. Fluffy and moist, this panettone has a delicious flavour and aroma.

Delivery: This item is fresh and available for PRE-ORDER NOW with FREE delivery between Thursday 9th and Thursday 23rd December. This guarantees maximum freshness of your Christmas panettone!

A traditional panettone flavoured with raisins, topped with crunchy almonds and an icing glaze. Handmade and hand-wrapped in October in Sicily by the Fiasconaro family, using classic methods and naturally leavened. The result is a moist, fluffy Italian cake that makes for the perfect gift or a fabulous addition to your Christmas food ensemble.


- Handmade artisan Italian Christmas cake

- Handmade over two days in October in Sicily with locally produced ingredients

- Made with sourdough and left to rise naturally over 36 hours, giving it an amazing light and fluffy texture

- No chemical additives or preservatives

- Beautifully hand-wrapped



Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, raisins (18%), butter, sugar, fresh egg white, rice flour, flour, apricot seeds, starch, natural yeast, fresh egg yolk, granulated sugar, Marsala wine, PDO, Sicilian almonds, Sicilian honey, sugar syrup, orange paste, lemon juice, zibibbo wine IGP, cocoa butter powdered milk, salt, natural flavourings, emulsifier: fatty acids, vanilla berries.

May contain traces of other nuts and soy.

Weight: 750g

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