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Gragnano Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Bronze die cut, dried at low temperatures and made in Gragnano - the birthplace of dry pasta - our Pasta Gragnanese Spaghetti tastes better and retains all its goodness when cooked. Our Gragnano Spaghetti are made solely with Italian durum wheat.

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    Gragnanese Pasta: Some Cooking Tips The amount of water should be estimated in proportion with the amount and type of pasta. The ideal proportion is c. 5 litres for 500 grams of pasta. Water should be well salted but never add oil! The shape of the pan is important too, so for spaghetti and long pasta a large tall pot is needed. Gragnanese pasta does not need to be stirred often during cooking. Because it is made with bronze drawing, you can simply stir it with a wooden spoon at the beginning and then again later when it comes back to the boil. The pasta draining must be delicate: remove pasta from the water when it is on the hard side with a slotted spoon or colander. It's a good idea to retain a bit of the cooking water to add to the sauce, both for flavour and to thicken it a little. Finally, pasta which is on the hard side preserves its nutritional value and just tastes better!
    Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. The Producer: This wonderful penne pasta is produced by Pastai Gragnanese from Gragnano, the birth place of pasta near Naples. Pastai Gragnanese have been making pasta with passion since 1980 following ancient methods passed down from generation to generation over the last 400 years. If you are passionate about pasta, you may be familiar with Gragnano pasta. So, why is it so special? What does the name really mean? The name itself implies a location and style of production, much the same way that a DOC wine appellation does. To be called Pasta di Gragnano IGP, the pasta must be produced in a legally defined area in and around the Bay of Naples and it must be made by mixing durum wheat with the calcium poor water of the Monti Lattari mountains. The method of production is crucial too. The dough is forced through rough bronze forms (trafilata di bronzo) and dried at low temperatures in the mountain air for at least a day (normal industrial pasta is dried in a few hours). This slow approach ensures better flavour and means the pasta retains its nutrients.
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