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Ají - Chimmichuri's Spicy Cousin

In the first of our series on the lesser-known items found on Pantree, we focus on a South American sauce that packs a serious punch

What is it?

You'll find slight variations across South America, but there's one thing guaranteed with Ají (pronunced ah-hee) - plenty of heat! 

Balancing rich spice with a slight sweetness, all Ají recipes will contain plenty of tomato, pepper, coriander, and vinegar. 

Ají has a history dating back at least 600 years - it was prepared in Andean countries like Bolivia, Colombia and Peru during the time of Incas, when it was called uchu.


What do I do with it?

One of the best things about Ají is its versatility.

Sauce - Simply add it to the side of veg, meat, chicken, poultry or fish.

Dip - Unsuprisingly, it's a match made in heaven for a pack of tortilla chips

BBQ - Because of its heat, Ají works great as a barbecue rub or marinade 

If Ají get's you hooked on South American sauces, be sure to check out the rest of Chimilove's range (once you've tried ChimiMayo, you'll never look back!)