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Making a Difference

We believe that Pantree's model offers the best deal possible for both Shoppers and Vendors. But this isn't enough. We are commited to constantly evaluating and improving the impact that Pantree has on the society and world around us.

Our Pantree Promise outlines this commitment:

Our Vendors

To partner with the UK's most innovative eco-conscious businesses, and share best practice amongst our vendor community.

Our Shipping

To offset 100% of carbon emissions from Pantree's deliveries, partnering with the WWF's gold standard carbon offsetting programmes.

Our Packaging

To minimise the environmental impact of the packaging we use.

Our Wider Impact

To support social mobility through innovative partnerships and collaborations.

We are proud that some of the UK's most innovative eco-conscious businesses choose to sell on Pantree platform, such as:


Who donate 25p from each lunchbox they sell to Friends of the Earth, and are also supporting the charity's efforts in getting a Plastic Pollution Bill into UK law

Greensand Ridge Gin

Who are the UK's only carbon-neutral gin distillery.

Coco Pzazz Chocolate

Who have established an innovative scheme to provide Micro Loans to chocolate farmers in West Africa and South America – enabling individual growers to develop their small chocolate farms.

We always have, and always will, offset 100% of carbon emissions from our deliveries.

Not just deliveries we send to customers, but the product shipments that our vendors send to us too.

We work with Gold Standard - an organisation established by the WWF and other international NGOs to ensure that projects claiming to offset carbon emissions go through increased levels of environmental integrity.

Though this, we support Solar Cooking For Refugee Families in Chad

Packaging is a crucial area as we look to minimise our environmental impact.

We are replacing all plastic packing with alternative packaging materials such biodegradable materials, soluble materials, and corrugated cardboard.

Where possible, we reuse all the original boxes and packaging that products arrived in from Vendors.

We are determined to be an example of how businesses can support social mobility in the UK in ways that benefit both employers and young people.

We plan on partnering with local schools and colleges to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds:

Work Experience - Working with local schools to provide meaningful opportunities for 14 and 15 year olds to understand and develop professional competencies

Work Placements - Where possible, using our freelance requirements as an opportunity to provide well-paid creative work for 16-19 year olds

A Work in Progress...

When it comes to social responsibility, no business can afford to stand stilll. We are constantly evaluating how we can minimise our environmental impact, and use our platform to encourage positive change.

We are always keen to hear to feedback and ideas, so please do reach out to if you have suggestions that can help us improve, or are interested in partnering with us.