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Partnering with us

We're on a mission to change online shopping, and would love you to join us.


At Pantree, our goal is to provide ethical convenience to consumers. We're doing this by creating a new model for online shopping: one that works for shoppers, sellers and the planet.

One of our founding objectives for Pantree was to be the platform that sellers love. Here's how we're going about achieving that... 

How Pantree Works

Pantree is a marketplace platform and, as such, Partner Vendors list and sell their products directly to consumers.

The difference with the Pantree model is that, at the point when you list your products on Pantree, you ship the inventory to our warehouse such that, when the customer places an order on the platform, Pantree handles the delivery as well as all of the admin related to fulfilment and customer service.

Once your inventory is running low, you will then receive an automated email reminding you that it's time to replenish.  

The advantages of the Pantree model for Partner Vendors

Whether you normally go for wholesale, dropshipping, direct to consumer, or a mix of the three, we appreciate that Pantree's model is probably different to what most sellers are used to. So here's why it works so well for our Partner Vendors:

    -   The lowest fees around - even with all fees factored in, a £25 order will earn you £22.26. See below for a complete summary of fees.

    -   Zero listing fees - you only pay when you sell!

    -   Massively reduce your admin - Once you've shipped us your stock in bulk, you can forget about any fulfilment or customer service admin - we'll handle everything. 

    -   The curated marketplace - There'll only ever be a maximum of 2-3 brilliant vendors in any sub-category on Pantree. This means your products get more visibility.  

    -   Spreading the word with Pantree Presents - If a vendor is on Pantree, it's because we truly believe their products. So we use our site, social channels and marketing to celebrate those products in innovate and meaningful ways. Partner Vendors who sign up before September 30th 2021 will get 12 months, of Pantree Presents, absolutely free. Find out more about Pantree Presents below.

    -   You're in control of your commitment - We appreciate that vendors might have slight concerns at having stock held with us, yet not receiving payment until it sells - especially as we are new platform. To mitigate this, there's no minimum shipment - so you're welcome to start with whatever quantity of inventory you feel comfortable with. Some vendors choose to begin with just one case of a SKU.

What are your fees?

We are commited to low fees, and complete transparency with our sellers.

Click here to see a break down of all fees, including a worked example of the costs incurred on a £25 item sold on Pantree.

Who is behind Pantree?

We are Ana & Mark, a husband and wife team based in London. 

We have been cooking/kitchen obsessed since we met, and the idea for Pantree originated when we decided to stop using Amazon, wanting to instead only buy direct from small businesses.

We found that we weren't using the platforms that were already out there as much as we'd like, because these just didn't prove to be convenient from the moment we wanted to buy products from multiple sellers - which was often.

There's naturally always a push and pull between shopping 'consciously' and 'conveniently', but we believe Pantree's model is the solution that genuinely provides both of these to shoppers, whilst giving vendors better rates than any marketplace out there.

We are not a multinational corporation, looking to squeeze every penny out of our vendors in order to maximise profit and please shareholders. We are seriously ambitious for Pantree, yet are firm believers that we will only succeed if our sellers do.


Pantree's mission is to provide consumers with ethical convenience - to make supporting artisans and small businesses as easy as the experience of buying from the online giants like Amazon. 

Shoppers are increasingly keen to make 'conscious' choices when shopping. But the existing solutions simply cannot match the convenience people have become used to.

Pantree's model is the key to changing this.

Yes, there are existing Marketplaces to buy direct from great independent sellers. You may already even be a vendor on some of them.

But these 'dropshopping' marketplaces have one huge issue - fragmented delivery across multiple vendors - which stops consumers from (i) shopping more often; and (ii) adding more products from various sellers to their carts.

With the Pantree model, shoppers are still supporting & buying directly from the vendor, yet because all products are stored with Pantree, customers can enjoy one flat delivery fee, one package to track, and easy returns.

Your first shipment to Pantree will receive 6 months of storage, free of charge.

Subsequent shipments will receive 3 months storage free of charge. 

  • Absolutely not – we do not believe in hidden charges. Once your twelve months of Pantree Promotes expires, you will only be charged if you opt in to continuing using the service.
  • The service offers a great opportunity to generate organic excitement in your products amongst customers, but it is not mandatory, and never will be.
  • If you like the results of Pantree Promotes and wish to continue with this marketing strategy, we will work with you to create a custom plan that best targets your selling objectives.

As explained, the success of the platform relies on customers enjoying a flat delivery fee even when buying items from multiple sellers, so all products must be stored with and fulfilled by Pantree.

  • - The items in your initial shipment to Pantree will receive never incur any storage costs.
  • - Future shipments will also receive three months of free storage for the items to be sold. By that stage, you will have a clear understanding of the level of demand for your products on Pantree, so will know the right level of stock to send for that period.
  • - However if unsold after three months, these products will be liable to small storage fees after that period.
  • - The details of these will be dependent on our fulfilment solutions at the tim of replenishment, but will be upfront and clearly communicated to you at the time of replenishment.
  • - Sellers can choose to retrieve stock from Pantree as desired, but will always be liable for the return shipping fees.
  • - Please note that should items with 'best before' dates expire whilst in storage with Pantree, the item will be disposed of and the seller will not be compensated. It is the seller's responsibility to only include items in a shipment that they are confident will be sold within the time frame.
  • - We do not accept any fresh products.
  • - As you can see from the Partner Vendors already found on the platform, we do accept any perishable items with shelf lifes that are long enough to give time to be sold on platform. 
  • - Please note that should items with 'best before' dates expire whilst in storage with Pantree, the item will be disposed of and the seller will not be compensated. It is the seller's responsibility to only include items in a shipment that they are confident will be sold within the time frame.

As the seller it is ultimately your choice which products you list. If you would like our input, we are always delighted to discuss with you and give our thoughts.

  • - We send you the online Vendor Handbook, which includes the vendor T&Cs and a link to sign up
  • - You register your Vendor account (~2 mins)
  • - You set up your Vendor Profile (5-10 mins)
  • - You create your Product Listings (dependent on number of products)
  • - Within 24 hours of you creating your listings, we will send you a Shipment Summary, to be included in the box(es) you send to us, and you'll be ready to ship!
  • - You ship your products to Pantree HQ
  • - You will receive a notification when your shipment arrives and is processed, at which point your listing will go live

Pantree Office is our exciting new offering launcing Autumn 2021, serving offices with larger weekly and monthly orders. We will be discussing this with our Partner Vendors, including how to get involved, over the coming weeks and months.


We would love to have you on board!

If you're ready to move forward, simply reply to and we'll get you all set up.