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Partner Vendors - Summary of Fees

When it comes to fees, we think two things matter most - fees must be low, and transparent. We have tried to break down fees as clearly as possible here, but if you have any further questions, please just ask. 

    1) Pantree Fees

    Transaction Fee


    We charge the lowest fees in the market and we have no listing fees, meaning you only pay when you sell! In addition, our transaction fees are charged only on the item price, meaning you do not pay transaction fees on shipping costs that are added to the buyer’s order total.

    Fulfilment Fee


    We need to source all the packaging materials and labour involved in fulfilling the order. Pantree is committed to using ecological packaging as much as possible whilst ensuring items are adequately protected and do not get damaged in transit. Quality eco-packaging materials are not cheap, and we’re not looking to make a margin on this.

    2) Other Charges

    Payment Processing Fee - (Charged by Stripe, not Pantree)


    We have partnered with payment services provider Stripe across our platform given their low costs to sellers and reliable service, including thorough anti-fraud protection and security systems.

    Stripe only charges £0.20 + 1.4% payment fee on every transaction.

    Shipping Charges


    Pantree charges buyers a flat delivery fee of £4.99 on all orders up to £60. So on most orders, Partner Vendors will not be charged anything for shipping.

    On the rare occasions that an order beneath £60 is too heavy, and shipping costs exceed the £4.99 charged to buyers, the excess will be split pro-rata amongst sellers whose products have been ordered.

    As is standard online, customers qualify for free delivery on orders above £60.

    For orders above £60, delivery costs will be split pro-rata amongst all sellers whose products have been part of the order.

    Worked Example - £25 Order