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Raspberry Ghost Gin


Our Raspberry Ghost is a delicious Eau de Vie that captures the aroma of ripe Kentish raspberries.  Drunk as a gin with tonic, the delicate raspberry flavour bursts onto the palate and endures long into the finish.


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    Our Raspberry Ghost captures the flavour of delicious Kentish raspberries at the peak of their aromatic ripeness.

    We begin this labor intensive spirit by fermenting rasperries to develop complex aromatic compounds and produce alcohol for later distillation. At the same time we infuse more berries in wheat spirit and then we combine these together and distill the lot in our beautiful copper pot still. We call it a Ghost in homage to the German name for this technique, Geist

    The berries in this drink, too imperfect for supermarkets, were collected from a local fruit farmer and saved for your drinking pleasure. All distilled with 100% renewable energy, this really is a drink that makes a difference. 

    ABV: 40%; Vol.: 70cl.


    This is a true Eau de Vie, not a raspberry liqueur, so don't expect a sickly sweet and bright red assault on the tastebuds! 

    On the nose is a delicate raspberry aroma, more akin to an autumn raspberry on a misty morning then a bright summer berry.  The first taste is much like a super premium smooth and creamy vodka, but as you swirl the spirit in your mouth the raspberry flavour bursts onto the palate and endures long into the finish.


    Drunk neat the Raspberry flavour can be quite elusive at first; the spirit really comes alive with the addition of some sweetness and sharpness. So drinking as a long drink with tonic (try Fever Tree Mediterranian Tonic) really enhances the spirit.  Garnish with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.

    Our signature serve in the distillery is the Sour Ghost - a classic Sour cocktail made with the addition of Raspberry Ghost in place of, say, the Whisky in a Whisky Sour. See the recipe here.

    If you find yourself in front of the sofa on a winter's night in front of a roaring fire, a glass neat and chilled is delicious. And the spirit also works fantastically in place of vodka in a martini, or in a glass of prosecco garnished with a single berry to really get the party started.


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